Sunday, July 24, 2011


aah, decisions. it's amazing how we can pre-condition our thoughts to the point where we're believing what we're telling ourselves. for years, i've been telling myself one thing €and completely engaging myself in some other direction ... a more interesting choice. unconscious decisions are more of what is speaking to us in true form. just because you tell yourself that you're a failure, doesn't mean that you are. as human beings, we are so used to talking; with talking comes telling ourselves what to do, giving orders, issuing commands. but at the end of the day, what is our true feel good outcome: what really makes us feel great. what do i want in life? i have a wonderful opportunity to do which i know will bring me closer to a happier, more fulfilling existance. my heart has decided. it is now time to issue the most important, life altering decision upon my mind. it's alright :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How Many Days

This is precisely how many days I've been "out of it" this summer. Well, it's finally the first day of summer today, but since I've been out of school since the end of April, it technically is summer to me :)

I haven't been feeling well at all lately. I've been feeling my confidence waver as the job market continues to turn down it's nose at me <:( I really do miss having a job; further more, I miss working *every* day. I love working, so for that, I'm thankful to press on with so many personal projects that I have currently on the go! A cartoon entry to the Cartoon Network, an 8-bit style RPG game, I'm learning Unity, modeling a 3D video game type character, as well I am working on websites for my brother-in-law, as well as one for myself.

When I consider all the things that I have on the go, and how much I love doing all of these things, I'm happy to rest...but seriously, it's time to get back to work!! ;p

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lappie Blogging

Doing everything with my new BlackBerry is hilarious...but lacks capital letters on this blog. I wonder why it does that? No worries to that, there's good in each of these devices, and I love them all equally.

Going to continue on with the Durston Honey Farms website a cat walks over my laptop X3 (I can't get angry with them for such cute things; I know they're just trying to get my attention). Not much to finish on the website, then I'm just waiting for copy to add.

Going to get back at it in Maya today as well, with a few more lessons, and then continue modeling Mylo.